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Custom Creations 31326

Custom Sublimation Print Transfer Ready To Press

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Because this is a custom sublimation print, you will need to make sure you've communicated with us in order to get what you're wanting.

Please note that if we don't hear from you, meaning we are unaware of what you'd like, we will be forced to refund your order. Otherwise, we'll be getting to work very quickly to get this processed for you. :)

This is an actual printed page for sublimation of the design in the notes section when you purchase. This is not a digital download.

Transfers are printed on a professional printer made only for sublimation printing. All transfer are printed out on high quality sublimation paper.

Please make sure that you’re buying the right size transfer for what you’re going to be creating. (Sizes are not always the exact size and may vary slightly on some transfers)

If you are in need of instructions on how to transfer this onto a t-shirt or other item, we are happy to provide them to you. We are also happy to answer any questions that you may have. (If you do not request instructions, please note that we cannot be held responsible if the transfer does not turn out well, we are here to help).

If you're in need of any sublimation prints that you don't see listed? Simply reach out to us and we'll make sure to try and help you as best as we can!