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Custom Creations 31326

3D Printed Football Laces - ShitVicMakes

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This is for One (1) Football Lace in the color white.

3D printed football laces for use on artistic creations.
Compare our laces to an ACTUAL FOOTBALL!

Our 3D model was designed to have the most realistic appearance to actual football laces!
Just check the photos!

It could also be used to create a basket weave pattern (see photos for example).

While not necessary it can be heated to better conform to a curved surface. There was shrinkage and mild deformation when heated.
See images for an example of the deformation and shrinkage that occurred as well as what it might look like on a tumbler.

This product is made possible by ShitVicMakes and we are an approved vendor for his products. If you have any special requests for 3D printed parts please don't hesitate to reach out to us at