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Custom Creations 31326

3D Printed 5"x7" Honeycomb Mesh Sheet - ShitVicMakes

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This is a hexagonal pattern that can be cut into smaller pieces and used to create a honeycomb style design or pattern when crafting. (See images for what a completed cup might look like. Example cup was crafted by Heather.)

The hexagons are 12mm in diameter and the sheets are 5x6.75 inches in size.

The color of this product will vary based on materials on hand as it is typically painted over by crafters however options are available. Use the YELLOW or GOLD if you want a product that has a nice color to it that does not require paint.

If you would like it in custom a color or custom dimensions please contact me directly and we can discuss available options and the time required to produce them.

These are 3D printed and some small strings may be attached. These can be easily removed. The product can be easily shaped to fit the contours of an object using heat.
This is only for the mesh and not for the tumbler or tumbler ring.

This product is made possible by ShitVicMakes and we are an approved vendor for his products. If you have any special requests for 3D printed parts please don't hesitate to reach out to us at