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Custom Creations 31326

30 Ounce Skinny Tumbler Dragon Scales Epoxied with Added Glitter

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This is a 30 Ounce Skinny Tumbler with a Dragon Scales Design! It has been glittered for an extra sparkle! Read below for care instructions as well as information about getting a custom order from us!

This can come in a 20 ounce or a 30 ounce size and can be made as a custom order!

Due to these having epoxy on them, certain precautions will need to be taken when using it! For example:

- Hand wash this tumbler only!

- Do not soak this tumbler!

- Do not freeze this tumbler!

- Do not leave this tumbler in heat for extended periods of time!

- Be careful not to drop this tumbler as it will crack or break!

If you would like a cup similar to this one but want a change in the design just send us a message! We want to make you a custom creation!